Turners and Manipulators
for Heavy parts. 

Turners / Manipulators / Rotating Devices
fot Heavy Parts / Structures
90 , 180 or 360 degree rotation
Manual / Magnetic or Hydraulic clamping
Tailor made design to take any part
Heavy Design
Hight adjustment or only rotation

90 degree Turner for Shafts up to 30 tons with automatic clamping and height adjustment
Positioner for wind turbine Hub 35 ton.

Coil Tipper

Coiltippers for steel coils or Aluminium  Paper
All sizes and models available

Coiltipper for Steel Coils
Coiltipper for Steel Coils up to 10 tons

Blank Stack Turner

Blank Stack Turners for sheet metal.
Fixed Hight or with hight adjustment.
All sizes and Models available,

Blank stack turner for sheets 2x1 meter
Blank Stack Turner for sheets 3x2 meter

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulatars.
Many different models and sizes.
We are happy to Taylormade.

Welding manipulator

Welding manipulator



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