Die Change Carts - Low lift

Hedin Tool Change Carts.
Available from 5 up to 100 ton or more.
Docking to the press
Very strong Push/Pull device
Pedestrian Walk beside the cart with the Radio

Small footprint - small turning radius
Emission free electrical drive
No counterweight - light weight
Radio Remote control
Safe and accurate movement
Made out of standard components
Tailor made design and measures to fit your needs.

40 ton Die Change Truck 
25 ton tool Change Cart

Die Change Carts - High Lift

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25 ton Die Change Truck with a 2.5 m lift
10 ton Tool Change Cart with a scissor table lift

Pneumatic Die Rollers

Pneumatic Die Rollers / Die Lifters with Rollers or Balls.
For Die Changing.
Simple installation at existing T-slots without work intensive and expensive hydraulic installation.
Rollers with larger Diameter can be used compared to hydraulic Die lifters. This also give less friction and less force to push / pull the tool at the Die Change.
Installation only takes a few minutes and you do not have to worry about leaking hydraulic oil.

Pneumatic Die Lifters
Die Rollers for all sizes of T slots

Die Change Table

Stationary Die Change Tables manually and with Die Mover (motoriCzed)
Stationary Die Change Tables usually are installed at the rear side of the press and are designed as a T-shape.
this type of construction allows the operator to deliver the next press die earlier, whilst the the old press die still is working within the press.
As soon as the old die is pulled out of the press and pushed onto the free side of the T-shaped Die Change Table, the new prepared die can be moved sidewards up to the front of the press table. After that it can be pushed into the press immeadiatly.

T Table / Die Change Table Manual Push/Pull
Motorized Die Change Table for heavier Tools



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